1. Organizer and duration of the Competition
  2. The organizer of the “Follow in the footsteps of the pink flamingo” competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) is VanityStyle sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Jasna 24, 00-054 Warszawa (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”), entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS no. 0000293511, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 7010098352.
  3. The Administrator of personal data processed in connection with organization of the Competition in the light of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922 as amended, hereinafter referred to as the “Act”) shall be the Organizer.
  4. These Regulations define the rules of organization of the Competition, as well as the rights and obligations of the Competition Participants.
  5. The competition lasts from 26.04.2018 to 01.08.2018.
  6. The contest will be organized according to the rules specified in these Regulations.
  7. The competition will be held on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  8. Each Participant who meets all the conditions specified in Chapter II and is among the winners will receive the prizes referred to in Chapter III (hereinafter referred to as “Prizes”, “Prizes”) for participation in the Competition.
  9. The Organizer of the Competition shall appoint a Competition Committee composed of representatives of the Organizer (i.e. Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Junior Account Manager, hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”). The tasks of the Committee include constant supervision over the proper course of the Competition, selection of winners and making decisions on issues where doubts arise in connection with the Competition, including in particular those related to the interpretation of these Regulations.
  10. Rules of participation in the Competition
  11. A Participant in the Competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) may be an adult natural person who jointly meets the following conditions:
  • is an employee of a company which before the announcement of the competition was a customer of VanityStyle Sp. z o.o. (20.04.2018) and holds an active FitProfit (or FitSport) card for a period of three consecutive months (i.e. June, July, August) or is an employee of a company that became a customer of VanityStyle Sp. z o.o. after the date of publication of the competition (20.04.2018) and holds an active FitProfit (or FitSport) card for at least two consecutive months: June, July, August and September.
  • completes the competition task (“Competition Task”);


  • sends the Competition Task by means of a competition form within the duration of the competition specified in Chapter I, paragraph 4.
  1. Employees of VanityStyle Sp. z o.o. are not eligible to participate in the Competition.
  2. The Competition Task is to fill in the Competition form at www.rozowyflaming.pl and complete the sentence: “What activity would a pink flamingo choose if it could have a FitProfit / FitSport card?” and enter your card number and e-mail address.
  3. The Participant of the Competition can see the full offer of Prizes available in the “Follow in the footsteps of the pink flamingo” Competition on the website: www.rozowyflaming.pl.
  4. Each person participating in the Competition may submit only one application.
  5. Incomplete or incorrectly filled in Competition Tasks will not take part in the Competition.
  6. The competition is single-stage.
  7. The Winner is obliged, in response to an e-mail with information about the win, to send the Organizer the address data, i.e. name, surname, address to which the Prize is to be delivered and contact telephone number. Address details are required for sending the Prize by courier. If the Organizer does not receive the e-mail with address data within 14 days from the end date of the competition, the Organizer shall be released from handing over the Prize, which shall become the Organizer’s property.
  8. Meetings of the Committee shall be held at the Organizer’s seat.
  9. The evaluation criteria that the Committee will judge are creativity, uniqueness, style and the overall impression that the Competition Task evokes.
  10. Within 7 days, the Committee will select the best Competition Tasks from among all of the responses received, taking into account the evaluation criteria specified in paragraph 9 above.
  11. The Committee’s decision shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal.
  12. The winners of the Contest will be notified of the results of the Contest to the e-mail address provided in the submitted contest form.
  13. By entering the Competition, a Participant accepts these Regulations, available on the website rozowyflaming.pland expresses its consent to the processing of its personal data by the Organizer in order to fulfill the agreement on entering the Competition and its proper conduct. Any person providing personal data has the right to inspect and verify them, as well as to object to the processing of personal data.
  14. Providing the data is voluntary. The data subjects have the right to inspect their data and the right to correct them or demand their deletion. The data will not be made available to other entities, except for entities authorized under separate provisions. Personal data of the above mentioned persons will be processed in accordance with the principles specified in the Act.
  15. Failure to provide personal data in order to fulfill the agreement on participating in the Competition makes it impossible to participate in the Competition.
  16. By submitting its application, the Participant declares that he/she is entitled to exclusive and unlimited economic and personal copyrights to the submitted Competition Task, which are a manifestation of his/her own individual work of an unique nature and are free from physical and legal defects and claims of third parties. In the event that the statements referred to above prove to be inconsistent with the factual and/or legal situation, the person who sent the application shall be solely and completely liable for any claims of third parties and shall declare that he/she shall pay all the damages incurred by the Organizer in this connection. Moreover, in the situation referred to above, this person is subject to disqualification from the Competition and is obliged to immediately return the Prize granted by the Organizer or its market equivalent.
  17. The Participant declares that he/she agrees to multiple (unlimited in number, time and territory) and free-of-charge use of the whole Competition Task as well as in any selected fragments by the Organizer in all known fields of exploitation, in particular in the scope of:
  • preserving – production and preservation by any technique, regardless of the carrier, format and standard;
  • multiplying by any technique, including for publishing and editorial purposes;
  • distributing in the form of print, digital and electronic recording, communication, including broadcasting, by multimedia means, directly or indirectly or in such a way and in such a form or technology so that everyone can have access to them in a place and at a time selected by them;
  • Performing publicly, reconstructing or making available in Poland and abroad in such a way that everyone can have access to them in a place and at a time selected by them;
  • using the Contest Task or any part thereof for presentation, including combination, mixing, or processing with other materials or works or parts thereof;
  • in terms of trading – marketing, renting, leasing, lending, putting into free use, disposal, other exchange with third parties at home or abroad;
  • storing into computer memory or media network, including the Internet;
  • placing on the market by means of the Internet or other data or information communication techniques using telecommunications, information and wireless networks;
  • preparing foreign language versions;
  • any development and processing of the Competition Task or parts thereof, including adaptation of modification, combining, mixing with other materials or works or their parts, using the Competition Task as a basis or starting material for creating other works within the meaning of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 2017 item 880) by the Organizer or third parties at the request of the Organizer or with its consent;
  • for any use in information, advertising and promotional communications, including BTL, the press, the Internet and other media including television.
  1. The Participant agrees that the Competition Task submitted by him/her shall be used in accordance with the needs of the Organizer and/or an entity indicated by the Organizer and the requirements of its publication and distribution in the above-mentioned fields of exploitation, shall be subject to appropriate processing, modification, adaptation, adding titles and subtitles, abbreviations, technical adjustment, compilation of studies and corrections, including stylistic, spelling and linguistic, etc. corrections.
  2. The Organizer has the right to exclude the Participant from participation in the Competition if the Competition Task is submitted in a manner contrary to these Regulations or generally applicable law. The decision of the Organizer will be announced to the Participant by sending a message to the e-mail address from which the Application was made. The Organizer’s decision to exclude the Participant is final.

III. Prizes

  1. The Prizes in the Competition are:
  • 40 prizes – inflatable flamingo worth PLN 54,00 gross
  • 40 prizes – inflatable watermelon mattress worth PLN 43,00 gross
  • 40 prizes – flamingo head restraint PLN 30,00 gross
  • 80 prizes – mug with flamingos PLN 16,00 gross
  • 100 prizes – men’s or women’s T-shirt with an inscription PLN 15,00 gross
  • 100 prizes – mug with an inscription PLN 15,00 gross
  • 200 prizes – inflatable floating flamingo drink holder PLN 6,00 gross
  • 200 prizes – pendant in the shape of a flamingo PLN 11,00 gross
  1. The Prize will be awarded to each Participant who meets all the conditions specified in Chapter II of the Regulations and whose Competition Task will be selected by the Committee.
  2. Each Participant may receive only one Prize.
  3. The Prize cannot paid in a cash equivalent or in a material equivalent, and winners of contests are not entitled to assign the Prize to other persons.
  4. The Winner has the right to resign from the Prize. In such a case, the Prize shall become the property of the Organizer.
  5. For each Prize referred to in paragraph 1 the Organizer shall fund the winner with an additional cash prize in the amount of 11.11% of the gross value of the respective prize mentioned in paragraph 1. From the total value of prizes awarded to the winner The Organizer shall charge the amount of the lump-sum income tax (referred to in Art. 30.1.2. of the Act of 26 July 1991 on personal income tax, Journal of Laws of 2018 item 200) of 10% of the total value of the prizes awarded to the winner and will transfer this amount to the relevant account of the Tax Office. Prizes in the Competition will be issued in accordance with the current tax law regulations.
  6. The Competition, the terms of which are specified in these Regulations, is not a game of chance, a raffle, a pari-mutuel betting or a promotional lottery, the outcome of which depends on chance within the understanding of Article 2 of Gambling Law of 19 November 2009 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 165, as amended).
  7. Final provisions
  8. The Competition Regulations enter into force on 20.04.2018.
  9. Complaints may be submitted in electronic form to the address: konkursletni2018@vanitystyle.plor by correspondence. A written complaint should include: the first name, surname, e-mail address, address of residence of the Participant, contact phone number, as well as a detailed description and reason for the complaint. Complaints should be submitted to the address: VanityStyle Sp. z o.o., ul. Jasna 24 2, 00-054 Warszawa, with an annotation “Competition – Follow in the footsteps of the pink flamingo”.
  10. The Organizer shall not be held liable if the participant provides false or incorrect contact details, in particular e-mail address, as a result of which the Organizer will not be able to effectively provide the participant with information about the win or deliver the prize.
  11. The Participant is forbidden to provide the Organizer with illegal or untrue content.
  12. The Organizer shall consider the complaint immediately, at the latest within 14 days from the date of its receipt.
  13. At the request of the Participant, after providing the e-mail address or sending an envelope with a stamp and return address, the Organizer shall send a copy of these Regulations,
  14. The Organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations, provided that it does not affect the deterioration of the conditions of participation in the Competition. This applies in particular to changes in the dates of particular competition activities and changes in the specification of the Prizes. The amended Regulations shall enter into force on the day of their publication.
  15. In matters not regulated by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, in particular Articles 919 – 921 of the Civil Code, shall apply.
  16. The Organizer has the right to cancel the Competition for reasons beyond its control.